News : Daily Crypto Brief (05/11/2018)
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y Bitcoin 
South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange investigated by local police; the exchange is Upbit, an exchange operated by a subsidiary to the tech conglomerate Kakao; police suspects that Upbit faked its balance sheet to deceive investors - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 13:03

Huawei looks to give Chinese users improved access to Bitcoin; Huawei users will be able to download Bitcoin wallets directly to their devices starting this Friday; the company is releasing the Bitcoin wallet on its AppGallery; moreover, the AppGallery comes preinstalled on all new Huawei and Honor devices - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 12:56

Commission-free trading application Robinhood valued at a whopping $5.6B; this comes following today’s announcement of a new financing round, a Series D which raised $363M; Robinhood has now more than 4M users and has passed a transaction volume of $150B - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 12:47

Zcash announces an investment into STARK developer StarkWare Industries; STARKs constitute a new scalable cryptographic proof system; STARKs may prove useful in building more secure and scalable blockchains - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 13:00

The Pineapple Fund announces it is ”time to say farewell”; the philanthropic Pineapple venture was set up this past December, and donated Bitcoin to charitable causes; the fund has given away a grand total of 5,104 Bitcoins, worth approximately $55M; the person behind the fund, known as ”Pine”, will remain anonymous - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 12:48

Nvidia discloses how much revenue it has generated from chip sales to the cryptocurrency market; this amounted to revenue of $289M in the first quarter of 2018; moreover, Nvidia projects that revenue related to cryptocurrency mining will decrease in Q2 - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 12:55

The Israeli tax authority is taking to social media to expose Bitcoin traders; moreover, the authority is demanding that people disclose if they have engaged in crypto mining, as well as to list all exchanges they’ve used; this comes as part of a crackdown to get Israeli cryptocurrency investors to pay capital gains tax - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 12:58

Mark Cuban, the owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks, announces that fans can now buy tickets for games using cryptocurrency; Bitcoin and Litecoin will be the currencies initially supported; Cuban had reportedly planned cryptocurrency support earlier this year, however, that deal fell through - Link 
Friday 05/11/2018 13:01
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