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Free Bitcoin plugins for top CMS - - 08-24-2018

Recently, Apirone launched plugins for:
Bitcoin WordPress WooCommerce plugin -
OpenCart 3 plugin to accept BTC -
Bitcoin VirtueMart plugin -

Now, OpenCart 2.3 users can start accepting bitcoins freely and without constraints.

For those who are not aware, the Apirone plugin allows you to accept bitcoins in your store without any registration, account or obligation to complete a KYC/Documentation. This is made possible by the fact that with Apirone, you receive only bitcoins, not fiat money.

Also, we only charge a fixed fees for each transaction (0.0002 BTC), and not a 1% commission like most competitors.

[Image: l6KQe.png]

RE: Free Bitcoin plugins for top CMS - - 06-19-2019

We are glad to announce of Litecoin processing.
All incoming payments are free. Outcoming has a fixed fee of 0.005 LTC.

GET request example:{address}&currency={currency}&callback={callback}

Where {address} - your Litecoin address, {currency} - ltc, {callback} - callback URL for instant notification.

The same cryptocurrency parameter for saving and forwarding V2 wallets.

RE: Free Bitcoin plugins for top CMS - sergejmakarov518 - 07-03-2019

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