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Meet me in NYC (Radix DLT) - Decentralized Investor - 05-10-2018

I write to you from a sweaty London tube, on a broken phone screen. Both people and technology are pitted against me this morning!

As you may already know, I’m going to be in NYC next week for Consensus; if you are going as a delegate, or simply in town because NYC is awesome, would be great to catch up.

Last week we were at the small but perfectly formed conference - Chainges. While there, got to talk with this excellent fella about Radix:- Watch Video

We also continue our consensus series! This week we are looking at solving the Byzantine Generals Problem with a form of democracy - Delegated Proof Of Stake - how does it work, and what are its strengths and weaknesses - find out here: Read Blog Post

We’ve been asked a few times how to buy Radix tokens - the plan is still to allow token purchases over the Radix DEX when the platform goes live in 2018, but we do want to get a better gauge on general interest in Radix tokens - to this end, we have created a new form, where you can formally register your interest: Click to Register

Lastly, we have some new Radix swag! Sofia, who is trailing out with us, has created a new range of t-shirts that we think are much better: Check Radix Store
Hope you have an amazing weekend and speak soon!

All the best,