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Crypto News Breif - Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - Decentralized Investor - 05-09-2018

A critical vulnerability discovered in Bitcoin’s ABC software may potentially impact Bitcoin Cash miners; users of ABC mining software are now being urged to update their builds immediately; Bitcoin ABC 0.17.1 is said to completely remedy the issue - Link

A Goldman Sachs-backed financial technology startup Circle Invest has added Monero support; Circle Invest is a Boston-based firm which offers a zero-commission cryptocurrency investment application; this comes a week after Circle Invest added Zcash support - Link

More malware campaigns targeting Drupal sites following two new Drupal vulnerabilities; the vulnerabilities affected more than one million websites; moreover, more than 350 Drupal sites were found to run an in-browser miner - Link

A multitude of different fake ”wallet to Monero” websites have recently surfaced; this comes as Monero has been trying to improve its standing in the cryptocurrency industry; the news was first made public on Reddit, where users discovered that they had been given the same wallet - Link

BMW to use a blockchain-based platform to track mileage; this will allow a more transparent record of the distance traveled by rented cars and will enable BMW to ”analyze the impact of improvements on several factors”; this project is undertaken together with blockchain startup DOVU - Link

Akari Global, a foundation intended to promote Bitcoin Cash, has now released a BCH compatible version of AKARI-PAY; this allows developers to easily add a donate or pay button for Bitcoin Cash to their websites; all website owners can now directly link to a payment page - Link

Azure Blockchain Workbench promises to simplify blockchain application development; the public preview release of Azure Blockchain Workbench was announced at the annual Microsoft Build conference; the software allows businesses to ”skip the scaffolding” and more efficiently construct end-to-end blockchain applications - Link

A Delhi court will hear two challenges to the Indian cryptocurrency ban the next month; these challenges come from Kali Digital and Flintstone Technologies, who call the ban ”unfair” and ”unconstitutional”; the central bank of India imposed cryptocurrency trading restrictions in April, and the court will hear the complaints on May 24th - Link

A US cryptocurrency wallet management startup flees to Canada to avoid US regulation; the startup, CBblocks, has previously been based in Miami but is now looking to relocate; CBblocks sells a ”mystery box” of cryptocurrencies delivered in a USB wallet; the company is planning its Canada move in order to not be considered a US money services company - Link

Wall Street warms to trading Bitcoin and virtual currency; this is evident by the fact that the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company has been developing an online Bitcoin trading platform; this news comes from The New York Times, and comes after Goldman Sachs has announced a Bitcoin trading desk - Link