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Crypto Daily Brief (5/7/2018) - Decentralized Investor - 05-07-2018


Korea intends to implement more lenient cryptocurrency regulation under a new Financial Supervisory Service governor; the new governor, Yoon Suk-heun, will reportedly also look at revising some earlier regulations; Yoon is reportedly intending to bring substantial reform to the FSS - Link

Steph Curry, NBA superstar, is now looking to launch the first celebrity-branded CryptoKitty; this comes as part of a push to increase the adoption of the collectibles app, through adding branded tokens; there will be three Steph Curry CrypoKitties to ”represent all of Curry’s personalities”  - Link

Spacemesh raises $3M in seed funding round; the startup aims to build a cryptocurrency that has fairly distributed mining power with low barriers to entry; the blockchain’s protocols are design specifically for running nodes on a standard desktop PC making difficult for ASIC hardware to centralize mining - Link

Around 20 companies currently signed to the Waves Lab accelerator; WAVES is an incubator startup which aims to create ”disruptive solutions to real-world problems using infrastructure from the Waves Platform”; the Waves Lab provides seed funding of up to $300K and predominately focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures - Link

Blochchain startup Learning Machine has raised $3M in seed round funding; the startup aims to put academic diplomas on a blockchain; Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced its partnership with Learning Machine based on open-source Blockcerts standard; the project’s ultimate goal is to eliminate degree forgery - Link

CoinMarketCap eliminates from its official Bitcoin page; this likely comes following some confusion reportedly caused by, as they listed Bitcoin Cash as ”Bitcoin”, and Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core; the change has been made sometime after May 2 - Link

Bitcoin Cash to undergo hard fork on May 15; this hard fork will see the block size increase to 32MB and add some additional functionality to its network protocol and improves smart contracts; the Bitcoin Cash development team is reportedly already prepared for the fork, and the community supports it - Link

Cardano releases a formal specification for a cryptocurrency wallet; this is the first time that a cryptocurrency firm has done so; it is intended to help users understand the multifaceted nature of cryptocurrency and ”give a reasonable starting point for tests and implementations” - Link

The IOTA cryptocurrency company adds Porsche to its growing list of partnerships; this cooperation, dubbed ”Program 4”, is the result of a prior partnership with the German ”Autobahn” startup; Autobahn works on a platform for smart mobility, which utilizes IOTA’s technology - Link

The fee-free cryptocurrency stock brokerage Robinhood is expanding; the cryptocurrency trading platform has just expanded to both New Mexico and Wisconsin, bringing the grand total of states in which the firm has a presence to eight; this expansion gives an additional 8M Americans access to Robinhood - Link