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y Bitcoin Bitcoin $1000 pump? 9k in the cards
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 11 hours ago - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

core shill silenced
i just lost my ing daily short target like an asshole
so ing livid
IOTA about to break on volume
there is 90trillion USD worth of money in the world. G20 does not give a about bitcoin
Unless we break strongly below 7k, we might develop a triangle.
why did we even bounce here
@Slugsh wrote:Bulls you got me interested, But I need to see breaking 8150 first
If not, then this is just another ABC in wave 4 and we keep going down
8.3 is the target
I updated my chart for you guys, the proof is here
you don't let fear take your bitcoin
i ing hate staring at this god damn screen all day, wasiting my ing time,then losing money aways
@oEfterdal wrote:This could go to 8500
8800 if it go through. 7700 again if fails.
@bossl1fe wrote:core shill silenced
i could have literally just left my ing screen 8 hours ago and been set
please look at my updated chart
but NOOOOOOOOOOO, had to be greedy
Hey @DanV any thoughts? thanks : )
150 is the magic number
@NickPadovani wrote:i could have literally just left my ing screen 8 hours ago and been set
If you are losing money then you need to step back and reassess. Stop using real money and just put figures on paper, learn from your errors without losing money.
@NickPadovani Greed gets us all, but it is good teacher
@GeekWithAKnife wrote:If you are losing money then you need to step back and reassess. Stop using real money and just put figures on paper, learn from your errors without losing money.
used 20 buck work too
@GeekWithAKnife wrote:If you are losing money then you need to step back and reassess. Stop using real money and just put figures on paper, learn from your errors without losing money.
@stef75 wrote:used 20 buck work too
Unless those $20 do not cover the margin fees...
Buy the dip
its saturdaynight, btc is drunk
@HardAsCrypto wrote:its saturdaynight, btc is drunk
As he should be!
oh my ing god
@btc_joe wrote:Hey @DanV any thoughts? thanks : )
I am not sure may be forced counts but could be wrong.
no, we better not be going back down after I JUST ING SOLD
@HardAsCrypto wrote:its saturdaynight, btc is drunk
I'm with BTC on that one!
@bossl1fe wrote:core shill silenced
@DanV wrote:
You a Ver worsipper too DanV? Oh noes.
think there might be another short trade setting up on the 1hr
i hate this shit so much
you know what happens when u get drunk, u fall :p
@GeekWithAKnife wrote:Unless those $20 do not cover the margin fees...
I do a very looot of 20$ before trading ^^ witf finex it's okay
I didn't realize there was still people shilling bcc... whats the point, LN is on the horizon, exchange batching and bubble pop has tx fees back at the very bottom. I paid 5 sats the other day to xfer some btc from my trezor. BTC will scale just fine bitcoin cash was a worthwhile experiment imo but at this point it's just getting in the way.
Americans are rich in general but how many americans have a lot of cash to buy cryptos ? Chinese accounts for at least 70% of buying power in Cryptos, without chinese BTC could worth 6K at most, and considering the bubble run, BTC should hit 3000
Don't fomo...
@NickPadovani wroteBig GrinAMMIT
is it lower then 155
@DanV oh lol thanks. Appreciate the response. Why do u think its forced if you dont mind...
Unless Bitcoin hits $20 its not going any higher again
its failing
star thing
you dont say
@KevsStocks wrote:is it lower then 155
yeah, i know. I had a ing buy at 154.11, I missed it cause i wasn't watched, then i panic set a stop cause of the fearmongerers in here getting me sketched, then it just came down anyways. it never fails
Don't worry look at my chart dude
Btc > alts.... it’s destined people
@btc_joe wroteAngryDanV oh lol thanks. Appreciate the response. Why do u think its forced if you dont mind...
Are we talking about XMR/USD?
Proof in the chart. we bounce over 200 everytime we hit 150 for long time
@kakashisensei wrote:I didn't realize there was still people shilling bcc... whats the point, LN is on the horizon, exchange batching and bubble pop has tx fees back at the very bottom. I paid 5 sats the other day to xfer some btc from my trezor. BTC will scale just fine bitcoin cash was a worthwhile experiment imo but at this point it's just getting in the way.
I'm hoping they're the canary on the launch pad.. haven't seen them since we started our initial descent. Plus makin' em crispy would be fun.
@NickPadovani wrote:yeah, i know. I had a ing buy at 154.11, I missed it cause i wasn't watched, then i panic set a stop cause of the fearmongerers in here getting me sketched, then it just came down anyways. it never fails
break even stop or sell
@DanV wrote:Are we talking about XMR/USD?
@Mh2k5 wrote:Btc > alts.... it’s destined people
not forever
Bcore is s,low
@anoinvest exactly just for now. Alts will follow btc after
bounce over?
@bossl1fe wrote:Bcore is s,low
Bcash is pointless
2248 Unconfirmed Transactions Live updating list of new bitcoin transactions
@Firebat wrote:bounce over?
we'll see
@johncbeatty wrote:Bcash is pointless
@kevincantone4 wrote:why did we even bounce here
Alts will be wiped clean.
@johncbeatty wrote:Bcash is pointless
u can send BCH by txt
WHY did we bounce here? u guys haven't bene looking at my chart
@KevsStocks You need to reexamine your trading parameters. If this chat is a part of that, then stop using this chat. Never ever trade off a chat room full of strangers ...
cant do that with any other crypto
@johncbeatty wrote:Bcash is pointless
you sound sad, here have a bch bought cookie ->
1h 20 ma sell bots, it will go through soon
@Condiments wrote:WHY did we bounce here? u guys haven't bene looking at my chart
share ur chart
got one for btc?
its for ltc
@Firebat wrote:bounce over?
That was not a bounce. It was a calculated, well executed move that sold to all the bulls jumping in halfway to 8150. they are already out in profit.
I think we are going a bit lower (7k+) and then a pull back to 9k or so. thoughts?
it is 618 fib of pivot 15k
@btc_joe wrote:yup
looks like an evening star on 5mins
12h back - lot of room for grow after breaking out of this falling wedge
@enki888 nah not even close to 70%, japan is about 52%, US is behind them at like 24.5%
@DanV wrote:Checking
wow thanks!
Own your trade. If it's successful, it's you. If it fails, and you got stopped out that is a success too.
will update my btc chart soon so we all can get rich
oo we got a bounce for ants, sweet
The bottom is close guys. I can feel the bottom
Carefull on this one bulls. 50% is still normal correction, I'd wait for confirmation before jumping in. But who knows, maybe we going moon now. RSI is looking more of a fall than bull flag
We the BULLS are coming to get you fellow bag holders stuck at ATH - Do not Fear -
You fail, if you let something else interfere with a trade that wasn't part of your trading plan ...
@Slugsh wrote:Carefull on this one bulls. 50% is still normal correction, I'd wait for confirmation before jumping in. But who knows, maybe we going moon now. RSI is looking more of a fall than bull flag
too many people expecting w5 and test of 7200 thats why its not going to happend
is it me or am i seeing a possible 1000$ pump?

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Cryptos Blackmoon Community Crypto
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 03-16-2018, 11:56 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

Welcome to the Blackmoon Crypto TG guys!

Thank you for joining us, please find more information about Blackmoon Crypto through the following links:

Medium Blog:

BMC Token is currently trading on:


Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Worse coin ever I purchased


Why you on this chat group then. Impsito

how to add bmc to myetherwallet?

BMC is shown on MEW by default

No need to add custom token

great ty

wonder how many years to get off hitbtc

How long does it take BMC from hitbtc to ledger? Just curious...

The withdraw shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes

It's just the fee that is ridiculous ?

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Cryptos Everex EVX
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 03-16-2018, 11:54 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

More lemmings at that time... Now, we're just tech lemmings

Possibly, whoever created those manipulation games, taught their kids how to do it. This game is a bit more difficult than doing it in the stock market


smaller niche, same pattern

yes, the barrier to actual trading is still a bit high for most people at the moment

0x and others will help with this

on the relays yes, but other projects will be using it for instant transfers between any tokens

yeah, the pump got of control and screwed a lot of new people for sure. we'll see. i think the whales are possibly waiting for enough news and progress to build enough excitement again, meanwhile bleeding the price as low as it will go

Yeah, I think we’ll come back up.. it’s just these manipulation schemes over and over. With an emerging market it’s just difficult to estimate true value. Vitalik has been sayin for awhile too he thought it was overpriced

EVX Price Bot:

Rank : 276

EVX/USD : 1.38 $ (-0.81%)
EVX/BTC : 0.00016207
EVX/THB : 42.22 ฿ (-3.28%)
EVX/EUR : 1.12 €
EVX/CNY : 8.70 ¥
EVX/ETH : 0.002241 ETH

Thanks for your suggestion. Always appreciated.

As an ex-trader, I can confirm that hedge funds don't necessarly go long cryptos (especially past few months when btc reached the highest point) and hedge funds def don't do buy and hold (I used to do intraday trading for speculative purposes. our goal was to reach a certain threshold return for our investors) meaning that long-short position is the widely used strategy by HF.

Now, let's say - as you suggest - even if HF go long evx, HF put massive bets, price goes massively up but they sell once they make 30-50-70% in return, meaning the price goes down to the mean-reverting point due to the massive drop in volume/supply but you are then too late in the game and didn't expect what would happen next so you take a hit too. Hence, that would just be a temporary solution and nobody really wants HF to invest post-ICOs actually.

Another point I'd like to clarify is that:  our biz partners are mostly financial institutions such as challenger banks, FX brokers, Payment Service Providers, and so on. They are traditional institutions right, so decision to work with us is unrelated to the token price but mostly focusing on the value-added of what Everex has to offer to their businesses. I.e. real-time transactions, eliminating the current high transaction costs, enabling further data crunching,  financial inclusion, etc, etc. We focus on core-values.

We were exhibiting at Money20/20 this week (we are about to publish an interesting blog about this actually), one of the largest FinTech conferences in Asia with other big exhibitors such as Mastercard, BBVA, Grab (grab pay), and other very few blockchain-related FinTechs. It takes time for those bigger institutions to engage with blockchain companies. It definitely is an interesting topic for them to look into. so, either they test and see (leaders) or they wait and see (followers = a looot!). Those bigger institutions have strict compliance rule to follow. I worked many years for Credit Suisse, it literally took us 14months to get an approval from the management to launch a small strategic business line. Imagine the risk when doing something with blockchain and crypto.  Thus marketing and bus dev is very challenging for most of post-ICO FinTechs.

Also, as Alexi stated previously, once the business is up and running with partnerships in place (most of the time we have to stick to NDAs, literally can't say anything), the price will automatically go up with the good news once announced. So we first focus on doing marketing to reach out to the right business partners in order to build up our business here, then we can put more efforts in the evx price. Hope that makes sense for you?

But, I do like your point re getting new leads. That is something planned  - while Google still accept doing ICO marketing. 2months leftSmile

It is good info Duno ? it adds to the belief I have in the team to come through with the goods, that's what I back on an investment is the people, Visakha comes across really well, I have faith

Plus with so much going on in the overall market to keep track of I'm taking a much more chilled outlook on Everex, let's let the team create these relationships and we will all be happy

It has nothing to do with price, more informative info. Specifically to give perspective
Also evx token has been relatively stable where it is. Can it slide? Yes. Can it hold? Yes, can it go up? Yes. Given that it is holding, that is why I said it depends “a bit” on what btc/eth do since if they keep dropping if evx holds or goes down then it’ll drop below $1 from not doing anything. If it goes up or holds it stays above. So you ask a hypothetical question, I gave you what I think is a neutral response.

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  XLM Stellar Lumens, IBM, better than Litecoin or ?
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 03-15-2018, 11:48 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

currencies are dead b/c banks and money transmitters offer cheap instant payments now, privacy coins and platforms will live on

Good point, but what about the decentralization part? the bank always controls your money... do those instant payments still come thru on weekends? I haven't tried

I see hope on the daily candle closing in 2 hrs

btc returning to top of channel. bch gettign ready for multi day breakout

so, which is superior tech, ltc or bch


I Got out of LTC at 167.5 after it failed to breakout. Hourly now has evening star on chart. Not looking good. Expecting a pullback to 157.5 personally

I own LTC as a back up incase it decides to pump a little. But, right now Stellar is in position to knock LTC out of the park. Faster, Cheaper transactions. Literally makes LTC obsolete.

If XLM gets listed on Coinbase any time between now and 2 years. LTC is history.

How is it cheaper? LTC is aready extremely cheap since last update a month ago.

Obviously you haven't done your LTC research. I'll wait

Please do your research. It cost 1 xlm to do 600,000 transactions.

I think you should research because Litecoin is capable very soon to have infinite transactions

Not to mention XLM is integrating LN so really what does LTC have over XLM? lmao ill wait.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was all fake. IBM is making it's own blockchain I heard.

They are

Told you guys. IBM created Hyper Ledger and will use Stellar as payment processing.

IBM also is working on FairX which will use Stellars SDEX (although I, myself, haven't heard much news from FairX lately. But, still holding my breath for the time being.

Xlm hmmm if this only goes to a dollar I'd be balling

IBM doesn't make crypto currencies. They are making a Block Chain and ledger.

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  Airdrops free coins and tokens !!!
Posted by: hunio - 02-21-2018, 06:48 PM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (1)

500 tokens $500 by April Massive Value

Gold 18 Free get them now

SPC $6 a token get 10 FREE

LGT Token $2.00 a Token Get 10 Free Now

 CNN Token Get 128 Free

Free 100 gpn tokens

10 x swapcoins

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pedif tokens free x 58 复制以下链接邀请好友,每邀请一个好友奖励您28个PEF!上限280PEF!

10 x OPEN token    free tokens

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20 x WOT Coins

CAndy token free

coinjolt trade crypto with zero fees

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free lucky tokens x 66

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20 free LINO tokens

free TATTI coins

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healthnexus 50 shares free

Nexty platform

PM7 coin free

5 x free CVT coin

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koin free x 25

free x 18 BOE token

DAX free 10 coins

100 x free swifts

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y Bitcoin New exchange for huge amounts [Not Spam]
Posted by: LegalCrypto - 01-24-2018, 02:04 PM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (1)

Hi everyone
 A totally new LEGAL way to exchange any cryptocurrency and withdraw LEGALLY in any country!
   We develop a specific plan which will result in an offshore company which will be yours (the director will be another person for some paranoid guys) and it will be your decision if you want to pay taxes.
   Our fee is from 5 to 10% depending on the total amount. Minimum $50k (there is no sense below this line). Contact for more details:
We are not new in this business, just increasing the number of our clients.
Since 2014:
$136.4 million cashed out
217 clients
$19.9 million was the biggest one-time withdrawal
100% cashed out using company accounts
72% cashed out using offshore company accounts
$11.7 million is our fee (5-10%)

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Cryptos Oyster Pearl Protocol (PRL) Telegram Rips
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 01-04-2018, 08:19 PM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (3)

Reserved for Oyster details.

Thread for answering questions via Google / Search.

No one should expect the coins price go to some bizzare price outside the market's demand for storage given the PRL to GB peg.

Not to say that PRL won't raise in value as the peg adjustmenht occurs.  It really is up to the market to decide the storage price.  If the peg adjustment leads to cheaper alternatives than the competitors leading to price adjustment in the positive direction in the long run.

The specifics are still up for debate. But yes we may start above 1GB. More details will be made available once we work everything out

At actual price (1.75$), 1PRL=10gb will still be higher than actual market price for storage. So with this pump of the price, it will be difficult to attract people to the platform

We could start the peg at any rate, possibly 128GB, it then doubles per six months or 1 year. We haven’t fully studied the numbers yet, first we need to work on the testnet. What is important is that whatever variables are chosen get permanently locked in the smart contract, therefore storage users and PRL exchanges have a reliable, consistent and decentralized metric.

Well that and the fact that it is easy to share with other people so they can get an idea of what Oyster is by comparing it to something they may know about

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Cryptos ICON (ICX) : The Good and the Bad
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 12-24-2017, 08:18 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

ICON is a South Korean project that plans to act as a unifying fabric for different blockchain communities, allowing them to interact and maintain autonomy. It is the same plane as Ark.

We are looking at the token, ICX, and not the larger business model. This article is for the trader, crypto investor, and everyone. It's not investment advice. Always make up your own mind!

How much do you believe in the "Efficient Market Hypothesis", and how fast it works. It is highly debatable and theoretical. Even "Efficient Market Hypothesis" adherents know that the market adjustments it causes can be sudden and brutal to the investor. For cryptotrading, I am not sold on the "Efficient Market Hypothesis", but its validity does not affect this analysis.

Basic Outline: The ICON Republic, Its Communities, And The ICX Coin

The ICON system is fantastic in that it allows Communities to be almost completely independent. Unlike the Globalist tones of the whitepaper, the system is the opposite of Globalism. Each Community has near autonomy, in that it can have its own currency and sets its own rules, even its own consensus algorithm. Likewise, ICON allows the flexibility to create Communities in various different countries with various different laws and regulations for crypto companies.

Connecting all these different communities is the decentralized ICON Republic blockchain. This block chain uses ICX Coins. On top of this blockchain, third parties can create DAPPs that can interact with Communities and one another, or just be standalone operations. So we can now outline where ICX tokens are used: on the ICON Republic blockchain, when communities interact with one another, when communities interact with the ICON Republic, when communities interact with DAPPs, and when DAPPs interact with each other. The most important thing to note is that the ICX coin is not needed within Communities.

A great example is the hospital and insurance scheme outlined in the whitepaper and on ICON’s website. Watch the YouTube video again for a refresher (again, ignore the Globalist overtones, it is just bad marketing):

The way they present the scheme, the Hospitals and Insurance companies are separate Communities in ICON. This means the ICX coin is put to use whenever Insurance Communities interact with Hospital Communities. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, as American Readers know. Some behemoths like Blue Cross would translate their entire network onto the blockchain as one Community, meaning that the ICX token would not get near the use. When you analyze what should happen to the ICX price as Communities are added, you always need to keep this in mind. All interactions within a Community do not require the ICX coin, so even a very large partnership could have little long term affect on the value of ICX tokens.

The ICON Republic is governed by representatives from the Communities called C-Reps. The function that C-Reps do is determine the yearly increase in ICX coins. The pool of ICX tokens may grow up to 20% a year. It could be 0%, but it could be 20%. So, when thinking about the long term return of holding this coin, just know that the coin could be hit by 20% inflation each year.

These are the fundamentals. First we will look at major problems within the system. Then we will look at the major growth potential of the coin thanks to a surprisingly low market cap.

The Return of Bancor: Pump-And-Dumps and Arbitrage Issues

The ICON Republic unsurprisingly interacts with its communities via Smart Contracts. What is surprising is that the designers chose to use the Bancor protocol and its flawed Bancor pricing equation. First, read my overview of Bancor here:

Now, ICX itself does not have this Pump-And-Dump problem as its relationship with Ether is determined by the the ICON Republic. However, it faces several other issues related to the Bancor protocol. The first is changes to the price of Ether. Steep increases in the price of Ether mean that holders of ICX may on mass destroy their coins via the contract. The reason for this is that the contract is suddenly worth more than the coin itself, so everyone, bot or human, is going to sell the coins back to the contract, destroying them on mass.

The second, and arguably greater concern, is that Ether is not a stable currency right now. It honestly does not make monetary sense to tie your currency to an unstable one. Think of the Hospital and Insurance example. If the value of Ether in Won (krw) decreases 15% in a single day, which is not that uncommon, then the Hospital Community who received ICX from the Insurance Community feels cheated. For the ICON ICX system to work, price stability in terms of fiat is of upmost importance, and using the Bancor protocol makes ICX much less stable in terms of fiat. It is a huge flaw. And I have no problem calling this a flaw.

All of these problems are compounded when we look at the coins of the Communities in the ICON system. They have to be tied to ICX to use the SmartContract exchange. If ICX is being destroyed on mass when Ether increases, what do you think will happen to these ICX-backed coins? It is organized chaos. Huge swings in values will suddenly strike every ICX-backed coin. Now read my Bancor paper again. Every issue affecting Bancor-backed coins will affect ICX-backed coins.

People who don’t understand the Efficient Market Hypothesis will claim it solves these issues. We aren’t going to debate the Efficient Market Hypothesis here. However, the Efficient Market Hypothesis supposedly only works because actors, humans or bots, act to make the market more efficient. This can be brutal on the common investor. Creating a coin that is guaranteed to further tilt the playing field towards savvy traders and arbitrage bots has political ramifications. ICX could quickly be known as a scam coin for the everyday investor because the everyday investor can’t interpret its sudden price changes.

A Low Market Cap: The Possibility of Very High Returns

I am going to assume the worst here because the whitepaper and ICON website both use very strange wording when outlining the ICO and the number of ICX coins being issued (possibly shady marketing, but maybe just bad). ICON says it is issuing 150,000 ETH worth of coins in the ICO. It does not specify if this includes the coins being issued to its foundation, team, etc., so I am going to assume it doesn’t. Most other white papers are crystal clear in this regard. So, I am assuming ICON is going to claim a 300,000 ETH market cap if it sells out its tokens in the ICO.

Even 300,000 ETH is small for what ICON hopes to accomplish. Let’s say that ICON is successful, but only successful in Korea, and only as the connecting fabric of Korea’s healthcare sector. That is still potentially billions of dollars in transactions done through ICX each year. This fits a high risk, high reward coin. This valuation seems honest. Gains of 10x, 20x, or even more are possible in the long run.


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Cryptos Coin Recommendation: Oyster Pearl (PRL) on Kucoin
Posted by: Decentralized Investor - 12-23-2017, 12:13 PM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (1)

Why I Like It:
PRL is the economic bridge between content publishers, content consumers, storage providers, and storage consumers. The platform provides a novel solution that helps website owners monetize content on their website using a secure decentralized data storage solution. Website visitors contribute a portion of their CPU and GPU power to enable users' files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger. In return, such users indirectly pay the website owners for maintaining the storage of their data. The files uploaded are stored on IOTA Tangle and is the first protocol that uses Tangle

Strong Value Investment Characteristics:
1.  Low Market Cap of $16m (with ample room to run)
2.  Skyrocketing Volume (volume has picked up massively since December 15th and continued to climb up until now with a huge spike in volume today)
3.  Solid Media Coverage (Shout outs in HuffPost and various other media publications)
4.  Strong community (Telegram group has over 3k members)
5. More of a footnote, but in support of the strong community point, PRL has already received 3 shout-outs in one of the more popular Reddit undervalued coin threads for this month. The broader point here is that the shilling will be strong here moving forward

TL;DR Summary
At PRL’s current price (~$.28) and market cap (~$16m), this looks like a possible gem. It is more than worth the risk at this price point and has already doubled up since I bought in 3-4 days ago. I think this is a ride worth taking and would recommend hopping in prior to the coin getting listed elsewhere in the next few weeks (this is imminent, DYOR but consider joining me for what I am hoping will become a moon ride.

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Cryptos What Is Quantstamp? Getting Started
Posted by: Rox - 12-16-2017, 02:15 AM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (1)


First Mover Advantage
Despite the vast need for smart contract auditing, Quantstamp are the only project we are aware of that are offering it at this time

Coinbase Networking
Recently, Quantstamp pitched to Coinbase, one of the largest projects in the Crypto-space. While the report about the pitch was rather vague, it’s certainly a positive sign that the team are networking with such a huge name.

Growing Demand
It seems like there is a new ICO launched on the Ethereum network virtually ever day. With the rapid growth of the prevalence of smart contracts, and particularly those hosted on Ethereum, we would expect huge demand for Quantstamp’s services over the next few years.


Overall, we are huge fans of Quantstamp and believe they are potentially one of the most undervalued projects in the market (currently positioned at 120th).

However, as investors, we always aim to be as critical as possible and search for barriers to success which is why we’ve highlighted a few potential hurdles below:


Quantstamp say that current smart contract security efforts rely on users trusting that no bad actors exist within in a company. However, their project involves trusting a system that has gone through limited testing. However, they have completed a successful audit of the Request ICO so they soon should witness an increased demand for the project.


While Quantstamp should not face any direct competition, a number of companies are focusing on smart contract creation and the lowering of costs involve, including Etherparty and Blockcat. If as mentioned before, people are slow to trust the Quantstamp system then these competitors will begin to come into play.


Full automation

Many people argue that smart contract audits could never be fully automated; human judgement is required to understand the logic and intent of a smart contract. For example, software can spot bugs which may cause the contract to malfunction but they may not be able to detect errors that cause coins to be sent to the wrong person, or detect that the wrong formula is being used to calculate the payoff of a smart contract.

Tier 1 Investors
A final positive point that jumped out to us here at CryptoGurus was that a number of their tier 1 investors agreed to a lock in period for their investments. While the time period was unspecified, the investment totalled more than $1 million and we view that kind of long term commitment to a project as a huge positive.

Quantstamp also announced plans for version 2 of their proof-of-caring concept. This is a way of rewarding loyal members of their community and was originally established before the presale offering incentives such as early access. It has not yet been announced what will be involved with version 2 but will run along the same lines.

For us, this is little more than a nice marketing scheme but it does show a commitment from Quantstamp and that they recognize the importance of their community.

Where To Buy Quantstamp Tokens

Quantstamp tokens are available for purchase on the following exchanges:


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QSP looks to be at a good buy price, the chart technicals are lining up and it could be a great swing trade over the next few days, and definitely a good longer crypto / blockchain investment into and through 2018.

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