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  Planning your exit
Posted by: evapattern - 09-20-2019, 03:10 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

Planning your exit
Since no human can see into the future, unfortunately new and experienced traders alike will sometimes have to contend with losing trades.
Emotions can run high at these times. Watching your hard-earned money being depleted from your account is an uncomfortable experience - and it can compromise your decision-making abilities.
That's why it's important to decide - right at the outset - where you'll get out if this trade doesn't go well.
Rule 1: always have an exit strategy
You need an exit plan - a strategy for managing the risk of the position, so that one bad trade won't wipe out a significant chunk of your trading capital. But simply telling yourself where you want to get out may not be enough.
Consider the scenario: you head to bed for the night with a position going well, but by the time you wake up in the morning the market has taken a turn against you.
Or perhaps you're watching a position while travelling on the train. You enter an area with no mobile or wifi service, and by the time you get back online the market has moved past your planned exit level.
Shutter stock
So once you’ve decided where you’ll close the trade, you need an automated mechanism to protect you when you’re not in control. And that’s our second rule:
Rule 2: set a stop
Setting a stop reinforces your exit strategy. The resting order will close your position if the market hits the level you specify, even if you're not logged in to your platform at the time.
It also removes the need for you to make a difficult decision under pressure.
It's easy to disregard the emotional aspects of trading. But, especially when you're new to the markets and still learning, the rollercoaster of feelings created by losing a trade can have a substantial impact.
Let's say you take a long position and the market immediately starts to rise, putting you into profit. However, suddenly it goes into a sharp reversal, and to your dismay your winning trade rapidly turns into a loser.As the position drives further below your entry price, you keep hoping for recovery. But that hope turns into wishful thinking as prices continue to deteriorate.Finally, you're left with a feeling of desperation. It's clear that prices aren't coming back anytime soon, and you have no choice but to realise a loss.
Price chart
In this situation, the financial impact certainly stings. But it's the emotional toll that can make your next trade more complicated, as you try to recover. Just one idea that didn't work out could define how you move forward in a market. For example, you might feel tempted to rush into a new position without proper consideration, in an effort to claw back your losses as quickly as possible.
One easy way to help avoid this issue is to decide where to set your stop before opening a position, and set it up while executing the trade, so your position is never left unprotected.
With a stop-loss order in place at your pre-defined exit level, if that price is met you don't have to make a decision about to what to do. You've done your planning in advance, and your position is closed for you.
Lesson summary
Every trader needs to be prepared to suffer some losses
Always plan where you'll exit a trade if it doesn't go well
Set a stop to close the position automatically for you

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y Bitcoin FREE BTC BONUS. FREE 0.02 BTC ($204) instantly to your bitcoin wallet.
Posted by: tot02 - 09-19-2019, 10:39 AM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

Complete the registration first.
(You do not need to confirm the email address when registering)
After registration, use the promo code CRYPTOBONUSXXX07 in your account to get 0.02 BTC as in the screenshot:


What can I do with this $ 204? You can play roulette against other players of the site and win more, or instantly withdraw this money!
What is the reason for the site to give me a free bonus? This is a lie? - not. This website is absolutely unique and has no analogues. Players playing against other players, not versus website, and the website will to receives a commission of 10% for each game, 5% of this commission is invested by the website to invite new players.

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  Controlling emotions that hold you back
Posted by: freeforex20 - 09-13-2019, 07:37 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

Controlling emotions that hold you back

free forex signals
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So far, we've explored many different aspects of the financial markets and the techniques of trading. But there's one key component that affects the success of every trade you make, and that's you.
No matter how strong or level-headed you can be, you are a human being, so you have emotions. And naturally your feelings can influence your thinking and your behaviour as a trader.
Controlling emotions
Trading is an exciting and absorbing activity that can bring you moments of euphoria when things are going well, while equally it can be psychologically tough if markets turn against you. By understanding the emotions you're likely to experience at every point in the trading process, you can mentally prepare yourself to handle them effectively. That way, your feelings won't get in the way of your decision-making or harm your potential profits.
In this course, we'll look at some of the emotions you may need to deal with when you trade.
Anxiety and doubt
It's great to be cautious and considered in your trading, but if your worries are crippling you that's counter-productive.
The transition to a live trading account after using 'play' money in a demo environment is one step that worries some traders. It's a bit like doing a parachute jump: you've learned the theory and done all the preparation, but making that leap still takes courage.
Live and demo
There are, however, things you can do to make it a little less daunting:
Reflect on the lessons you learned while using the demo account
Apply the same strategies that brought you success in demo trades
Follow a trading plan
Start by trading in small sizes until you feel comfortable
Use risk-management tools, such as stop-losses
As long as you trade sensibly, use the skills and knowledge you've already gained and keep your positions modest, there's every reason to expect success. Of course you will make mistakes - we all do - but by managing risk carefully you'll minimise your losses.
Fear of loss
Another time that you might experience fear is when a position is moving against you and you begin to see a growing loss.
Imagine you've bought EUR/USD because your analysis strongly suggests it's about to rise. You've considered the risk involved and set a stop-loss.
However, as time passes the currency pair seems to be stuck in a downtrend. It hasn't hit your stop, but the rise you predicted remains elusive. You start to feel nervous: should you close the position now and cut your losses? Should you adjust your stop closer?
Before taking any action, ask yourself:
Was my original analysis flawed?
Have circumstances affecting this market changed since I opened my trade?
Did I place my stop at the wrong level?
If everything suggests your original analysis is still valid, and if you've positioned your stop correctly to protect yourself against unacceptable loss, there's no reason to alter or kill your trade. Have confidence in your original judgment and let things play out - your loss could turn into a profit.
Your emotional state can have a strong influence on the bottom line of your trading, so it's important to learn how to manage your feelings
Don't allow doubts and fears to paralyse you. Markets move swiftly, and hesitation can lead to missed opportunities
By following a plan, trading in small sizes and using risk management tools, you'll feel more secure and confident in your trading decisions

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  What is forex?
Posted by: freeforex20 - 09-05-2019, 06:13 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

What is forex?

free forex signals
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What is forex?
If you've ever gone on holiday and exchanged say, pounds for euros, then you've participated in the forex market. Simply put:
Forex is how individuals and businesses convert one currency to another.
Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or the currency market, is the largest financial market in the world. On average over $5 trillion worth of transactions take place every day. That's around 100 times more than the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - the world's biggest stock exchange.
As well as being traded by individuals and businesses, forex is also important for financial institutions, central banks, and governments. It facilitates international trade and investment by allowing companies that earn money in one currency to pay for goods and services in another.
Who trades forex?
There are a huge number of market participants looking to trade forex at any particular time, from individual speculators wanting to turn a quick profit, to central banks trying to control the amount of currency in circulation.
However, by far the most significant players in the forex market are the major international banks. Between them, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, JPMorgan and UBS account for around 50% of global forex trade.
Euromoney FX Survey
Why do people trade forex?
Individuals and businesses participate in the forex market for two main reasons:
The vast majority of forex transactions are made simply to make money. This means the person or institution making the trade has no plans to take delivery of the currency, they are just looking to turn a profit on movements in the market.
With major financial institutions always looking to profit from small changes in forex prices, many large trades can occur throughout the day. This activity means currency rates are some of the most consistently volatile financial markets in the world - which in turn provides more opportunity for speculators to make money.
Purchasing goods or services in another currency
Every time a transaction is made between two entities in different regions, a foreign exchange transaction needs to take place to pay for the goods or services exchanged. Transactions such as this happen globally, every second of every day.
Despite the number of transactions, the amount of currency traded is often very small compared to trades made by large speculators. Therefore commercial trading tends not to have such a big effect on short-term market rates.
How do you trade forex?
Unlike share trading, forex is an over-the-counter (OTC) market. This means that currencies are exchanged directly between two parties rather than through an exchange.
The forex market is run electronically via a global network of banks - it has no central location, and trades can take place anywhere via a forex broker of your choice. This also means that you can trade forex at any time, so long as it's during trading hours in any one of the four major forex trading centres (London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo).
Forex trading hours: April-October (UK time)
Forex Trading Hours
In practice, that means you can trade most forex pairs from around 21:00 or 22:00 (UK time) on Sunday to 21:00 or 22:00 (UK time) on Friday, every week. The exact times can vary due to daylight saving time changes in the UK, USA and Australia.
How does a forex trade work?
Forex prices are always quoted in pairs such as AUD/EUR, which stands for the Australian dollar versus the euro. This is because if you want to purchase Australian dollars you need to buy them with another currency, like euros.
When trading forex you are simultaneously BUYING one currency while SELLING another.
Lesson summary
Forex is how individuals and businesses convert one currency to another
The main players in the market are major international banks
Speculation accounts for the vast majority of transactions
It's an over-the-counter (OTC) market, where trades take place directly between two parties rather than through an exchange
Forex is traded in pairs - you are simultaneously buying one currency while selling another
The first currency in every pair is the base or primary currency. The second is the quote or counter currency

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  Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !!
Posted by: clonazepum - 08-30-2019, 08:43 AM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

The Bitcoin (((casino)))

Blackjack.Fun is a (((casino))) site which is launched in 2018. Where you can play the game with BTC, DASH, LTC. The results are probably fair. you can edit client seed to be more fair and more fun in your bets .

━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━
━━━━━━━ ⟨ ⟩ ━━━━━━━

[Image: chrome-no-IKcm-YC85.png]

Frequently Asked Questions About

1. How much is the minimum deposit?

There is no minimum or maximum deposit

2. How much is the Withdrawal fee?

There is no withdrawal fee. Only cryptocurrency transaction fee what depends on different cryptocurrencies

3. Dominans of chips?

You can change the domination of chips from Menu - Settings

4. How fast the withdrawal? has Instant Withdraws

5. What are the buttons in the bottom left?

These 3 are Lifelines. No one else has them

1. Show dealer card.
After 10 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see dealers other card before showdown.

2.Show next card.
After 20 bets you can use this lifeline. It is an option to see next card what is coming to the table.

3.Swap one card.
This is the best and hardest to get lifeline. It activates after 30 bets. With this lifeline you can change any card what is on the table to a new random card. You can choose when do you want to use these lifelines.

6. How much the Affiliate commission?

Affiliate Program Details:

Revenue Share 50%
Cookie duration unlimited
Lifetime commissions on referred players
No admin fee
Instant affiliate payments
No minimum payments
No maximum payments
Focused also on the mobile market
Access to live stats and reports

7. How many decks are in play per hand?

There are 4 decks

8. What is the minimum bet limit? 

The minimum bet is
Bitcoin 0.000001
Litecoin 0.000001
Dash 0.000001

9. What is the maximum bet limit?

The maximum bet is
Bitcoin 0.1
Litecoin 0.1
Dash 0.1

10. How to manually verify results? 

Provably fair algorithm:
1) Server generates random seed
2) Server seed is hashed and sent to the player. Can be seen in Menu - Provably fair
3) Player will send its own seed. Seed can be entered manually in Menu - Provably fair
4) Two seeds are hashed together with sha256
5) Output is used as seed in Mersenne Twister RNG
6) Deck is generated with 4 packs of cards
7) Deck is shuffled using Fisher–Yates algorithm, with RNG provided in step 5

For example let's pick server and client seeds
server seed: 85728A263F0639D368DF48852D54A8F767512500D62E111EDAF972906A414FF80643A5FF7B3A8E3F9129DB1DA261FAC41C7431F74F099654301F57F497E8F1FE
client seed: f192685b5b26c72a92a833830947e5cac3383d5aa5b5210d2782f4fb51ba00bc7e5ce1b190c24013
Using these values
server seed hash would be 6A66A88382FAA06BB2EBCF2AA69EDF76596197D92C899D86A144990890B96EC8
client and server seed hashed together: ccfdcb55b4369d121854f77fbe8104e03a5a5611decd25afbdb88b02328a5a32
RNG seed: [3439184725, 3023478034, 408221567, 3196126432, 978998801, 3737986479, 3182988034, 847927858] (3439184725dec = 0xCCFDCB55hex and so on...)
First N random values produced by RNG: [1139799984, 4122921141, 3138460245, 3260841105, 2634829831, 1147546524, 4115959087, ...]

Using same logic on the game deck you can verify that server cannot alter the game output

━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━

━━━━━━━ ⟨ ⟩ ━━━━━━━

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  How to become a successful trader
Posted by: freeforex20 - 08-27-2019, 07:01 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

How to become a successful trader

free forex signals
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To become a successful trader, you need a clear system that helps you to stay consistent and handle negative market movements. You must also guard against becoming over-emotional. There is no magic formula to becoming a successful trader, but there are a few steps you can take to make sure you’re mastering both the basics and complexities of trading:
Do your research
Create a trading plan
Practise your trades
When you’re ready to take on the markets, you can open a live trading account.
Do your research
Improving your knowledge of financial markets is the first step to becoming a successful trader. Start by researching the different markets available to trade and to build your trading skills. Remember that you can never know too much; if you want to be a successful trader, you must always aim to improve your knowledge.
Create a trading plan
A trading plan is a blueprint for how you are going to trade. It is driven by your trading strategy, helping you to quantify your goals and motivation. Your trading plan also covers your risk management strategy and preferred analysis method.
Learn how to create a successful trading plan
Practise your trades
If you want to put your trading plan into practice, you can start trialling your trades on demo account. With a demo account, you can develop your skills without risking your capital right away. Practising your trades will also help you to refine your trading strategy and learn from any mistakes.

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Cryptos The Million Banano Homepage
Posted by: Rox - 08-10-2019, 02:58 AM - Forum: Blawks - Replies (1)

How it's work? simply, select an area to buy, next select your favorite meme, art or random image, send bananos and your image will be posted, be part of this 1000x1000 BANANO Poster! 

Once last pixel is sold, 100.000 BAN will be draw to Buyers! bases will be published on reddit.

Check it out here:

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Posted by: saygon - 08-05-2019, 01:27 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

FlyMining is Cheap electricity $ 0.12 / THs / day the ability to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
Timely withdrawal earned. Excellent technical support service. 
I am very pleased that I chose this company, it brings me a steady income every month. 
Use my promocode for 5% extra hashrate bonus

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  An economical cloud farm - FlyMining
Posted by: monero12 - 08-05-2019, 10:50 AM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

FlyMining - this is a modern view of mining. Digital decentralized currencies have come and are not going to go away, while the consumption of electricity for mining has almost reached 1% of all world energy costs. "Dirty" mining was possible when the BTC / USD exchange rate went off scale, but today it's the mining efficiency that determines who will remain and who will leave. Therefore, we strive to build the most economical version of a cloud farm for the extraction of military-technical cooperation. We are absolutely confident in what we are doing, and we give you the opportunity to see this for yourself by supporting a policy of openness in everything.

- Low electricity price: $ 0.12 / THs / day

- Income calculator:

Mined coins: Bitcoin and Ethereum

- Live webcams:

Link to the site  -  When registering use PROMODE: SPDWTF

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  Symmetrical Triangle
Posted by: freeforex20 - 07-26-2019, 06:29 PM - Forum: Blawks - No Replies

Symmetrical Triangle
The symmetrical triangle, which can also be referred to as a coil, usually forms during a trend as a continuation pattern. The pattern contains at least two lower highs and two higher lows. When these points are connected, the lines converge as they are extended and the symmetrical triangle takes shape. You could also think of it as a contracting wedge, wide at the beginning and narrowing over time.
Trend: In order to qualify as a continuation pattern, an established trend (at least a few months old) should exist. The symmetrical triangle marks a consolidation period before continuing after the breakout.
Four (4) Points: At least 2 points are required to form a trend line and 2 trend lines are required to form a symmetrical triangle. Therefore, a minimum of 4 points are required to begin considering a formation as a symmetrical triangle. The second high (2) should be lower than the first (1) and the upper line should slope down. The second low (2) should be higher than the first (1) and the lower line should slope up. Ideally, the pattern will form with 6 points (3 on each side) before a breakout occurs.
Volume: As the symmetrical triangle extends and the trading range contracts, volume should start to diminish. This refers to the quiet before the storm, or the tightening consolidation before the breakout.
Duration: The symmetrical triangle can extend for a few weeks or many months. If the pattern is less than 3 weeks, it is usually considered a pennant. Typically, the time duration is about 3 months.
Breakout Timeframe: The ideal breakout point occurs 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the pattern's development or time-span. The time-span of the pattern can be measured from the apex (convergence of upper and lower lines) back to the beginning of the lower trend line (base). A break before the 1/2 way point might be premature and a break too close to the apex may be insignificant. After all, as the apex approaches, a breakout must occur sometime.
Breakout Direction: The future direction of the breakout can only be determined after the break has occurred. Sounds obvious enough, but attempting to guess the direction of the breakout can be dangerous. Even though a continuation pattern is supposed to breakout in the direction of the long-term trend, this is not always the case.
Breakout Confirmation: A break should be on a closing basis for it to be considered valid. Some traders apply a price (3% break) or time (sustained for 3 days) filter to confirm validity. The breakout should occur with an expansion in volume, especially on upside breakouts.
Return to Apex: After the breakout (up or down), the apex can turn into future support or resistance. The price sometimes returns to the apex or a support/resistance level around the breakout before resuming in the direction of the breakout.
Price Target: There are two methods to estimate the extent of the move after the breakout. First, the widest distance of the symmetrical triangle can be measured and applied to the breakout point. Second, a trend line can be drawn parallel to the pattern's trend line that slopes (up or down) in the direction of the break. The extension of this line will mark a potential breakout target.

free forex signals
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