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So, you just boink until it gets in the slot, pandora canada charms and then you get a point." He paused to take a drink of his own, a Risan screwdriver. "Does that sound like something you'd be into?" He gave her his most innocent look. Huyo was the picture of innocence herself, her wide smile not flickering a millimeter. "Yes, I believe I would. It does sound like such a lovely game." With that, she moved back to the table hockey game, carrying her glass with graceful ease as she sauntered. There was still a bit of tension to the Deltan, still some pent-up energy, but she was quite plainly keeping it constrained as she leaned a little and took her paddle in hand, ready to play.

"Well, I heard from Ensign McMahon that for each game won, the loser has to forfeit an item of clothing. I know he was probably teasing me, but the doors are locked..." Mindo raised an eyebrow. "You want to play strip air hockey?" He nodded slowly. "And the doors are locked... OK, let's pandora canada rings do this." Mindo unzipped his jacket and threw it on the bar. He now stood in his yellow turtleneck. "I can't help but wonder, how much do you have to take off?" At that, Huyo glanced down at her dress, as if suddenly realising Mindo's obvious advantage. Still, she shot Mindo a look that was downright sultry. "Oh, hun, you're pandora leather bracelet pre-supposing that you'll win." Mindo served the puck.

You are such a gem, dear." Mindo smiled a little and served again. This time Huyo wasn't ready and the puck slid square into her goal. "Is it getting hot in here?" Mindo said. "That's a point for me!" Not that Huyo seemed to especially mind. She smiled mysteriously at Mindo as he spoke, her patient, teasing smile forming an odd counterpoint to the lights and celebratory buzzers crying out madly in celebration at the goal. Huyo stepped to the side of the table where Mindo could clearly see her entire form, head to toe, then carefully turned away from him, giving the Fesarian a perfect view of how the red charms pandora dress perfectly clung to her well-shaped derrière.

With a deliberate sensuality, Huyo then bent down slowly, emphasing the movement with her teasing slowness and only presenting her rear end to Mindo even more. Her slender hands moved to her shoes, unclipping the straps and easing her feet out of their confines one by one. Then, with that same relentless slowness, Huyo stood back up, moving gracefully back to her side of the table. "Next point," Huyo teased Mindo seductively as she took hold of her paddle and prepared to serve, "winner takes all." The serve happened fast, but Mindo stopped it and deflected back, almost getting a goal, but Huyo was to fast for that.

The puck glided to Mindo's side with near-perfect accuracy. Mindo stopped the puck as it very nearly entered the goal. The puck was now about twenty-five percent in Mindo's goal, but the sirens hadn't gone off yet. "That was close," said Mindo. "Not close enough," Huyo answered with a confident grin, unable to resist eyeing her soon-to-be prize. Mindo was right; it was getting warm, hot even, as if the holodeck environmental systems were getting wonky. Huyo could feel her skin flush with excitement, but she forced herself to focus, paying full attention to the puck as Mindo served it... ...right off a wall and behind her puck, slamming into the goal with a satisfying thud .

Then, stopping right next to Mindo and keeping her eyes locked on his the entire time, Huyo pulled the straps of her dress over her pandora bangle shoulders. The entire garment was now only remaining in place thanks to friction and Huyo's ample bosom, looking for all the world as if it would fall off at even the slightest touch or movement. "My sweet Mindo..." Huyo murmured, recognising and relishing his response to her, feeling her own body quicken. It was requiring a considerable effort to stay her hand, to stay entirely still and build up that wonderful tension even further. The loud, garish arcade machines around them faded into nothing around Huyo and Mindo, as if [Image: pandora bangle-110ndr.jpg] they were locked in their own private little universe.
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