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ÿþThey apply it to nearly all their running shoes now. asics shoes These are Gel packs that help give shock absorption on the heel and forefoot. They help give that bounce back feeling and cushioning as the heel lands. You then get a helpful push at the toe off as you run. This is what really makes the Asics shoe what it is and is the most important part of the shoe. Midsole  The midsole is made of super EVA which gives it great energy return qualities. It's also high resilient which is needed in this part of a running shoe. The midsole is also dual density, a technology Asics call Duomax and this is positioned especially for runners to give extra support and stability. The midsole has the upper stitched around a canvas and EVA board and directly attached to the midsole for extra strength. 

It's a vertical groove which runs through the outsole, and which centers the pressure of each impact into these grooves. What this enables is more compression along the line, which, in turn, allows your entire foot to be in a more correctly aligned position. This is a piece of technology that both underpronators and overpronators can contribute from, seeing that it lessens the asics shoes womens chances of your foot twisting, thus you are less likely to roll an ankle and hurt yourself during your runs, even on less stable surfaces such as nature trails. The runners who will benefit most; however, from the guidance line, are those with less experience and whose running technique still needs to be developed. 

Beginner runners can rest assured that the Guidance Line Technology will lessen their chances of asics shoes men injury, and will enable a more comfortable run that will result in less ankle, knee, hip and back pain in the long run. SpEVA This is a material which ASICS uses to replace traditional EVA foam to achieve properties more suited for runners of all levels. It's a material developed by using both traditional EVA foam as well as a rubber ball material, which creates a compound that offers the benefits of both of these constituents. While EVA foam has great shock absorption and cushioning properties, rubber is better at bounceback, and rebound, allowing the runner to have more energy with each push off. 

What makes FlyteFoam stand out, even more, is its extremely small weight, seeing that they are 55% lighter than the industry standard. You are bound to benefit from this reduction in weight if you are asics running shoes someone who likes to run longer distances, or if you want to use your ASICS shoes in competitive running. Combining these two properties, FlyteFoam is a great midsole technology to have in your shoes, seeing that it is also more durable than traditional cushioning. As it bounces back more quickly, it is less likely to flatten over time (or by the end of your run) ensuring that you get an elite level of performance from your shoes, start to finish. Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL Cushioning First introduced in 1986, GEL cushioning has become a staple of ASICS footwear seeing that it provides a reliable and durable cushioning system that is, most importantly, comfortable. 

It's found in either the forefoot or rearfoot of ASICS shoes, but the best running footwear will feature it in both parts. Even more, newer models insert GEL cushioning in the entire footbed to ensure a soft ride for runners who want the most comfortable run. Scientists have shown that when landing, a runner will put three to five times their entire body weight on just one part of their foot. The amount of shock that is created during these landings is one of the leading causes of injury in runners, which means that all athletes, professional and enthusiasts, need to look for ways in which this shock can be dispersed from the foot and stopped from affecting their joints and muscles. With GEL inserts, the shock from each landing is absorbed and evenly distributed through the entire foot. 

This gel does a great job at dispersing shock and creating a cushioning effect on each step. So you've taken the first step, and purchased your first pair of Asics running sneakers. Congratulations! You are on your way to bettering your health and improving cardiovascular fitness. A few tips for building up mileage as a new runner can help you avoid injury, and keep you asics gel nimbus going to your first race. As a rule of thumb, start out slowly. Take walk breaks, take your time, and find your own pace to start off with. From there, increasing mileage every week is quite simple. Try to up you distance each week by 10% to help avoid injuries such as shin splints, which can occur if you increase mileage too quickly. As an example, if your goal is to reach a 10 mile run, and you're starting off running 3 miles as your longest distance, increase the mileage [Image: asics gel nimbus-027crv.jpg] by 0.5 each week until you hit your goal.
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