Opinion : XLM Stellar Lumens, IBM, better than Litecoin or ?
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currencies are dead b/c banks and money transmitters offer cheap instant payments now, privacy coins and platforms will live on

Good point, but what about the decentralization part? the bank always controls your money... do those instant payments still come thru on weekends? I haven't tried

I see hope on the daily candle closing in 2 hrs

btc returning to top of channel. bch gettign ready for multi day breakout

so, which is superior tech, ltc or bch


I Got out of LTC at 167.5 after it failed to breakout. Hourly now has evening star on chart. Not looking good. Expecting a pullback to 157.5 personally

I own LTC as a back up incase it decides to pump a little. But, right now Stellar is in position to knock LTC out of the park. Faster, Cheaper transactions. Literally makes LTC obsolete.

If XLM gets listed on Coinbase any time between now and 2 years. LTC is history.

How is it cheaper? LTC is aready extremely cheap since last update a month ago.

Obviously you haven't done your LTC research. I'll wait

Please do your research. It cost 1 xlm to do 600,000 transactions.

I think you should research because Litecoin is capable very soon to have infinite transactions

Not to mention XLM is integrating LN so really what does LTC have over XLM? lmao ill wait.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was all fake. IBM is making it's own blockchain I heard.

They are

Told you guys. IBM created Hyper Ledger and will use Stellar as payment processing.

IBM also is working on FairX which will use Stellars SDEX (although I, myself, haven't heard much news from FairX lately. But, still holding my breath for the time being.

Xlm hmmm if this only goes to a dollar I'd be balling

IBM doesn't make crypto currencies. They are making a Block Chain and ledger.
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