Info : What wallet system do you use to hold your currency?
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Which wallet type software/system do you use to hold your cryptocurrency, and what lead you to use that given one? Their is a large, wide variety with each having their own specific feature sets (some worse than others), and I'm curious on what makes you use the one that you currently do.
For a while it was kind of a pain having different wallet software running on my computer . I was losing track and actually got worried at one point that I'd misplace some . That is one issue with so many cryptos is for the most part they are kind of all over the place .

Now I just keep all my eth and ERC20s on a paper wallet I have a few copies printed out and just scan the private key in when I need it . Of course , I use MyEtherWallet because it's so easy and can be used from anywhere .

As far as non eth tokens , I've just been keeping them on the exchanges . It might come back and bite me if we have another MtGox situation .. so maybe I should pull a few off that I have significant amounts of .
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