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[Image: NEM.png]
One crypto I hardly hear people talk about is NEM (XEM). It's gains have actually exceeded both ETH and BTC this year, and it offers some promosing opportunities. In this crowded ecosystem of cryptos, it's important to look at all options and invest in that which best suits you.

Quote:NEM is the world’s first “Smart Asset” blockchain. Built with businesses in mind ... to maintain a secure ledger of transactions.

.... launched on March 31, 2015 ...

NEM’s primary function is the implementation of what they call the “Smart Asset System”. In effect, this system gives users the ability to implement a customized blockchain for their own specific “smart contract”.

The “Smart Asset System” can be broken down into four components:
  • Addresses: Containers that hold coins, contracts, deeds, or any business records. These are items which are unique and can be updated. These containers could be something simple like a user’s account full of coins, or something more complex like a package to be shipped, a deed to a house, or a document to be notarized.

  • Mosaics: Custom tokens or other digital items. These could represent something like a coin, or items such as stock shares, reward points or even other currencies.

  • Namespaces: Web addresses that prove who you are and also give your assets a home. They let you create a unique place to put your assets on the NEM blockchain, thus making your assets unique, easy to use and trustable.

  • Transactions: Puts your ‘Smart Assets’ into play by allowing you to complete actions such as transferring Mosaics between Addresses or transferring and configuring ownership of Addresses.

Potential Use Cases:
  • Financial Payments
  • Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
  • Mobile Payments
  • Equity Markets
  • Escrow Services
  • Liquid Asset
  • Make your own PayPal

NEM Has A Low Transaction Fee of 0.01%

... the network could handle in the hundreds if not thousands of transactions per second. In comparison, Bitcoin is only able to handle 4-5 transactions per second.
... there are no ‘private transactions’ on NEM
... all of the coins (8,999,999,999 to be exact) have already been created.

Hey 0xc85a068,
Thanks for your post!

I have looked at NEM and it is intriguing. You're definitely right about it being a crowded market, it is hard to predict which of these companies will be successful in the long run.

As a whole, from what I've seen of NEM - it does look to be a solid cryptos, unfortunantely the politics/hype/notice of it is still very small. Like you said, you don't hear about it much.

This could be an opportunity to buy cheap, or it could be another cryptos that drifts off into the ether..   Big Grin
hodling till Im odling
ethereum, nano
Such a huge supple is the problem, imo.

I don't own any, but NEM could probably see a price raise.

Also check out LISK!
even though I'm very much loyal to eth - it's starting to seem like a no brainer to acquire at least a few of these eth-alternatives 

lsk eos nem iota!
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