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First Mover Advantage
Despite the vast need for smart contract auditing, Quantstamp are the only project we are aware of that are offering it at this time

Coinbase Networking
Recently, Quantstamp pitched to Coinbase, one of the largest projects in the Crypto-space. While the report about the pitch was rather vague, it’s certainly a positive sign that the team are networking with such a huge name.

Growing Demand
It seems like there is a new ICO launched on the Ethereum network virtually ever day. With the rapid growth of the prevalence of smart contracts, and particularly those hosted on Ethereum, we would expect huge demand for Quantstamp’s services over the next few years.


Overall, we are huge fans of Quantstamp and believe they are potentially one of the most undervalued projects in the market (currently positioned at 120th).

However, as investors, we always aim to be as critical as possible and search for barriers to success which is why we’ve highlighted a few potential hurdles below:


Quantstamp say that current smart contract security efforts rely on users trusting that no bad actors exist within in a company. However, their project involves trusting a system that has gone through limited testing. However, they have completed a successful audit of the Request ICO so they soon should witness an increased demand for the project.


While Quantstamp should not face any direct competition, a number of companies are focusing on smart contract creation and the lowering of costs involve, including Etherparty and Blockcat. If as mentioned before, people are slow to trust the Quantstamp system then these competitors will begin to come into play.


Full automation

Many people argue that smart contract audits could never be fully automated; human judgement is required to understand the logic and intent of a smart contract. For example, software can spot bugs which may cause the contract to malfunction but they may not be able to detect errors that cause coins to be sent to the wrong person, or detect that the wrong formula is being used to calculate the payoff of a smart contract.

Tier 1 Investors
A final positive point that jumped out to us here at CryptoGurus was that a number of their tier 1 investors agreed to a lock in period for their investments. While the time period was unspecified, the investment totalled more than $1 million and we view that kind of long term commitment to a project as a huge positive.

Quantstamp also announced plans for version 2 of their proof-of-caring concept. This is a way of rewarding loyal members of their community and was originally established before the presale offering incentives such as early access. It has not yet been announced what will be involved with version 2 but will run along the same lines.

For us, this is little more than a nice marketing scheme but it does show a commitment from Quantstamp and that they recognize the importance of their community.

Where To Buy Quantstamp Tokens

Quantstamp tokens are available for purchase on the following exchanges:


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QSP looks to be at a good buy price, the chart technicals are lining up and it could be a great swing trade over the next few days, and definitely a good longer crypto / blockchain investment into and through 2018.
hodling till Im odling
ethereum, nano
This looks like a necessary project for blockchain technology , especially with these constant news releases of hacks like the DAO, Parity wallet, and NiceHash - I wonder which of these could have been prevented with a proper security audit .

As the space continues to grow, security will become more and more important QSP is definitely a good addition to an investing portfolio .
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