Info : Radix Alpha Launch & Hackathons!
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Hey Derick,

Last week was Consensus NYC, and what a week it was! Managed to catch up with our friends at Pillar Project, who we look forward to helping build their ambitious visions for tokens, wallets, and identity on Radix - to learn more about the Pillar Project, visit:

In addition, we will be joining them in Vilnius, Lithuania, at their Unconference on the 16th - 22nd of July, where we will be hosting the first ever Radix Hackathon!!
Prizes and details to be released soon! Sign up here:
Now obviously, for a hackathon, we’ll need some things for you to hack with. Fortunately, we got that covered, with our upcoming Alpha launch [Image: 1f680][Image: 1f680][Image: 1f680]
Sometime in week commencing 18th June, we will be releasing the first Radix APIs and client libraries. These will allow anyone to start putting Radix through its paces.
If you would like to come to our launch event in London or would like to live stream it, please sign up here - final dates to be confirmed soon!
If you would like to see me rattle on for 30 minutes about protocol wars, you can see me talking at Chainges here! Please forgive my mumblings at the front, I was running on two hours sleep!
Lastly - as the last in our consensus series, we cover voting and virtual voting as a form of consensus. This is an old algorithm with a new twist, as popularised by Hashgraph. Learn more here:
Comments, corrections and thoughts always welcome!
All the best,
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