Info : Parachute Recap: Marketplace updates, upcoming giveaways, and the 2gether partnership
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First things first. We have a sweet new partner, 2gether
You can hop on our token page to learn about em here. They are everything you wish a banking project in the age of crypto would be. A huge team of talented people - an early product already in testing - and a massive plan to change how we think of finance in the age of crypto.

Say hello on their telegram
Next, the Parachute marketplace is getting ready for takeoff.
We've restructured how companies come on to find services, and how freelancers organize their talents to find more gigs. We're allocating 100m in PAR incentives to ignite the marketplace over the coming year. The idea is simple: We want companies to be able to reach into their communities when they need to get jobs done. That's what the Parachute freelancer marketplace will do. 

Sign up to become a freelancer
Next, we have some insane games/puzzles/projects in the works
1) Today, we'll be opening the Purple Dungeon of Doom. It's an online scavenger hunt with a 250k PAR prize and ??? PPC prize for the winner. Ask @icanttellyou about it on our Telegram and get started here.

2) We have a free 200k PAR giveaway at the @theshobo's Sign up, get an awesome character, and let the dice decide if you are victorious! It's an absolutely incredible game. Every Parachute NEEDS to sign up for this here.

3) This Saturday we are having an absolutely incredible 2gether themed pub trivia hosted by Tom and Thom from the Parachute London crew! The last trivia was a smash hit! We'll be giving away 150k Par to the smartest Parachuter in the land. Hop on our Telegram and reach out to @climbingtom to learn more Smile

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