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Reserved for Oyster details.

Thread for answering questions via Google / Search.

No one should expect the coins price go to some bizzare price outside the market's demand for storage given the PRL to GB peg.

Not to say that PRL won't raise in value as the peg adjustmenht occurs.  It really is up to the market to decide the storage price.  If the peg adjustment leads to cheaper alternatives than the competitors leading to price adjustment in the positive direction in the long run.

The specifics are still up for debate. But yes we may start above 1GB. More details will be made available once we work everything out

At actual price (1.75$), 1PRL=10gb will still be higher than actual market price for storage. So with this pump of the price, it will be difficult to attract people to the platform

We could start the peg at any rate, possibly 128GB, it then doubles per six months or 1 year. We haven’t fully studied the numbers yet, first we need to work on the testnet. What is important is that whatever variables are chosen get permanently locked in the smart contract, therefore storage users and PRL exchanges have a reliable, consistent and decentralized metric.

Well that and the fact that it is easy to share with other people so they can get an idea of what Oyster is by comparing it to something they may know about
Nobody is gonna sell after seeing what happened with Raiblocks recently

Crypt goes up a lot higher than you would expect

Let’s talk about this without create any expectation, why not 25$?

it's already at ~150m marketcap

I started in crypto right when prl came to kucoin

Are we ready to brake the $100M ?????

cant wait to see it working in live form

Long term 30$ isn’t impossible either imo.

Michael Scott gonna really need a working product for 30$ lol

Its already $5 on coinexchange.

Excellent arbitrage opportunity here here guys

That’s true. But in this crypto market anything is possible, so much money flowing in

Are kucoin withdrawals working fine right now? Anyone knows?
Idk why you're doing this, but carry on!

Not much going on here right now.

We are developing a new site, perhaps with an entirely different mission. Right now, the domain is just on tap so feel free to post whatever tickles your fancy.

PS. PRL looks like an interesting token, I do own a few myself - got some at 9 cents =)
hodling till Im odling
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