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y Bitcoin 
Hi everyone
 A totally new LEGAL way to exchange any cryptocurrency and withdraw LEGALLY in any country!
   We develop a specific plan which will result in an offshore company which will be yours (the director will be another person for some paranoid guys) and it will be your decision if you want to pay taxes.
   Our fee is from 5 to 10% depending on the total amount. Minimum $50k (there is no sense below this line). Contact for more details:
We are not new in this business, just increasing the number of our clients.
Since 2014:
$136.4 million cashed out
217 clients
$19.9 million was the biggest one-time withdrawal
100% cashed out using company accounts
72% cashed out using offshore company accounts
$11.7 million is our fee (5-10%)
Thanks for sharing!

I believe withdrawing crypto or selling crypto for fiat is actually fairly difficult right now, and depending on government regulation - it could get more difficult with time.

Of course, the end goal is to never need to cash out of crypto - as crypto will be usable for any day to day purchases including paying rent and bills.
hodling till Im odling
ethereum, nano
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