Opinion : It'll definitely be someone from Jagex
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I tried using the action queuing feature RuneScape has to cure it but it helps Revolution for the most part. There's times it doesn't, and I anticipate an ability to come out because I had been. So I end up stalling my ability and set up the queue on an ability I was not actually ready for yet. I really like RS and I've been playing with it but I can not help but despise the pitches in the system of RS3 and buy RS3 gold. No additional MMO causes these kind of problems for me.

I want to thank you. There has been over 10,000 of you. I wish to deal with to. Firstly, a bit of context into why this poll is a thing and how it came about. We (as an Old School staff and merchandise ) want to know more about what you believe about RuneScape match, what you would like, (more importantly) what you don't want, how you would like to hear news, and then a few topical things like polling and graphic changes. We worked together with the Strategy and Research staff to construct the survey.

There for. In hindsight, I think we should be explaining why we're requesting it. We ask for a telephone number so we can talk to you directly (it'll definitely be someone from Jagex), and it won't ever be passed onto anyone else. Therefore I really don't see why we shouldn't be requesting a Discord contact, some people clearly aren't comfortable providing that. I think when we are requesting a contact email, that the exact same could apply. There seem to be issues with the image ranking questions, especially on mobile. We should do better to check on multiple devices. Apologies there.

Regarding the identical question, I believe we should have explained what we hoped to really learn. It seems a great deal of people were expecting something as straightforward as"would you obey a toggle-able HD update?". Perhaps we ought to ask that question also, but for us it is all about identifying what you believe that should look like, in addition to helping to check if you think newer content (like Prif) feels Old School or not. There was some discrepancy in the way we order answers, such as when Strongly Agree is about the left for a few questions, but about the right for others. Apologies again, that should not occur.

Finally, we're not attempting to direct you with questions in any way at all. People are mentioning about us trying to force a new skill in - answering that you're opposed to a new ability is the perfect way to ensure that we don't spend some time designing and polling stuff like Warding RuneScape 2007 gold. Similarly the poll questions are mentioned by people as being contributing. We are asking that controversy and in light of this polling discussions, the very best method to determine how you feel about polling would be to ask you - enjoy we did. It's clear we ought to test the polls more for consistency and device-performance. Why we're asking for important pieces of information we should explain. We should explain why we are asking some of the questions we are asking. We should let you determine how you would prefer to be contacted later on.
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