Info : I think the only real way to make smithing relevant in RuneScape
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People shit on runescape a good deal but the invention of innovation literally rescued RuneScapes eco from becoming like osrs, or staying that way instead. It's definitely worth consideration, but considering a new skill is not going to fucking pass in RS gold RuneScape it is a very long shot. We don't need a 1:1 invention clone, they make weapons much stronger which we are already reaching the upper limits of in osrs, however there has to be yet another way they could develop to break down common or overinflated items that have been ruined by modern bossing lootb tables into something useful for different skills and such.

I frankly feel that should jagex broached the subject in enormous detail and really explained the difficulties with inflation and the necessity to eliminate some of this stuff from RuneScape to impede the generation of gold to the benefit of RuneScape that RuneScape players might actually listento. They simply can not pull the same old bullshit of being incredibly vague and losing majority support afterward polling it 50 times with sightly changed but not actually ends in a try to pass it.

I think the only real way to make smithing relevant in RuneScape without interrupting the bronze - rune process is to expand it so that it's used for something different. I liked the idea of firemaking and the global firepits, and STASH units with construction is great too. For smithing I think introducing some overworld stuff could be intriguing, easy machines or other pieces of metal work. Or making metal statues used for other things. The bars melt and make. I like the idea of minor buff statues in places, something like a complimentary prayer that is conserve seems balanced.

By smithing carving or molding if bronze makes them statues are not made. I think smithing could be changed i. Wah you could smith rune plate at 92smithing and addy armor much earlier. Some high level loot combining could be move higher like dragonfire protect and dragonhunter lance etc and much more stuff like that may be inserted to make use of higher smithing lvl. Additionally buff smithing cape therefore it would be worth while.Artistic bronze/iron projecting surely feels like smithing irl. Carving the mould on the other hand could be like crafting, but in the event that you simply bought the moulds in game I think making figurines would match with smithing.

RuneScape already using crafting for casting rings and bracelets is a counterargument, but I feel like people are so small and delicate it's not as intense and foundry-y as using giant crucibles to throw statue components and weld them together.See thats the thingI believe we should just disrupt the present system. Make Rune smithed at level 60, add 3-4 fresh ores between 70-90, rescale exp prices, change alch worth, etc. etc.. I have no doubt that the cheap RuneScape gold JMODS can get it done correctly. Disrupt it by creating barrows worthless because most of the RuneScape playerbase is still just wearing armour 3 steps up from rune?
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