Opinion : Explaining the Smart-Economy Ecosystem (NEO)
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Quote:NEO followers have raised concerns that they feel there are conflicting interests between NEO, Onchain, and Ontology. There are similarities between the projects, we arrange events together, and the relationship may not yet be clear to the outside world.

NEO Smart Economy is set out to digitize all assets and allow trustless digitized commerce. Forming our future commerce is a mission that has to be anchored with and developed by the public; thus, it has to be open source. Moreover, it has to operate within regulatory requirements; thus, the decentralization has to be balanced.

During the transition to a digitized society, we have no choice but to work with the tools we have today. Enterprises joining the transition to a Smart Economy still ask to sign physical contracts with physical enterprises. From this business requirement, Onchain was born to serve as the B2B gateway to NEO Smart Economy.

Onchain develop private chains for enterprises that has specific requirement on for example data privacy. These private chains have the same underlying architecture as NEO and can connect to NEO Smart Economy using a cross-chain protocol. This gives us a unique situation where enterprises can control their own private chains using Onchain technology, and still connect to the public digitized economy on NEO, gaining the benefits of both private and public ledger.


NEO's goal is to "digitize society", very powerful words that in my opinion, apply not just to NEO - but the blockchain technology as a whole. It will be a combination of efforts from a multitude of companies for this to become a reality. 

The part of me that seeks a simple life of peace and harmony thinks that this is a horrible idea - IF IMPLEMENTED INCORRECTLY. However, the beauty of blockchain is that this information is private and more secure than most storage methods currently used. The technology will store, retrieve, and compute data faster and cheaper - which should in theory lead to prosperity for society as a whole. This is one major advantage that blockchain should have on our lives.
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