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More lemmings at that time... Now, we're just tech lemmings

Possibly, whoever created those manipulation games, taught their kids how to do it. This game is a bit more difficult than doing it in the stock market


smaller niche, same pattern

yes, the barrier to actual trading is still a bit high for most people at the moment

0x and others will help with this

on the relays yes, but other projects will be using it for instant transfers between any tokens

yeah, the pump got of control and screwed a lot of new people for sure. we'll see. i think the whales are possibly waiting for enough news and progress to build enough excitement again, meanwhile bleeding the price as low as it will go

Yeah, I think we’ll come back up.. it’s just these manipulation schemes over and over. With an emerging market it’s just difficult to estimate true value. Vitalik has been sayin for awhile too he thought it was overpriced

EVX Price Bot:

Rank : 276

EVX/USD : 1.38 $ (-0.81%)
EVX/BTC : 0.00016207
EVX/THB : 42.22 ฿ (-3.28%)
EVX/EUR : 1.12 €
EVX/CNY : 8.70 ¥
EVX/ETH : 0.002241 ETH

Thanks for your suggestion. Always appreciated.

As an ex-trader, I can confirm that hedge funds don't necessarly go long cryptos (especially past few months when btc reached the highest point) and hedge funds def don't do buy and hold (I used to do intraday trading for speculative purposes. our goal was to reach a certain threshold return for our investors) meaning that long-short position is the widely used strategy by HF.

Now, let's say - as you suggest - even if HF go long evx, HF put massive bets, price goes massively up but they sell once they make 30-50-70% in return, meaning the price goes down to the mean-reverting point due to the massive drop in volume/supply but you are then too late in the game and didn't expect what would happen next so you take a hit too. Hence, that would just be a temporary solution and nobody really wants HF to invest post-ICOs actually.

Another point I'd like to clarify is that:  our biz partners are mostly financial institutions such as challenger banks, FX brokers, Payment Service Providers, and so on. They are traditional institutions right, so decision to work with us is unrelated to the token price but mostly focusing on the value-added of what Everex has to offer to their businesses. I.e. real-time transactions, eliminating the current high transaction costs, enabling further data crunching,  financial inclusion, etc, etc. We focus on core-values.

We were exhibiting at Money20/20 this week (we are about to publish an interesting blog about this actually), one of the largest FinTech conferences in Asia with other big exhibitors such as Mastercard, BBVA, Grab (grab pay), and other very few blockchain-related FinTechs. It takes time for those bigger institutions to engage with blockchain companies. It definitely is an interesting topic for them to look into. so, either they test and see (leaders) or they wait and see (followers = a looot!). Those bigger institutions have strict compliance rule to follow. I worked many years for Credit Suisse, it literally took us 14months to get an approval from the management to launch a small strategic business line. Imagine the risk when doing something with blockchain and crypto.  Thus marketing and bus dev is very challenging for most of post-ICO FinTechs.

Also, as Alexi stated previously, once the business is up and running with partnerships in place (most of the time we have to stick to NDAs, literally can't say anything), the price will automatically go up with the good news once announced. So we first focus on doing marketing to reach out to the right business partners in order to build up our business here, then we can put more efforts in the evx price. Hope that makes sense for you?

But, I do like your point re getting new leads. That is something planned  - while Google still accept doing ICO marketing. 2months leftSmile

It is good info Duno ? it adds to the belief I have in the team to come through with the goods, that's what I back on an investment is the people, Visakha comes across really well, I have faith

Plus with so much going on in the overall market to keep track of I'm taking a much more chilled outlook on Everex, let's let the team create these relationships and we will all be happy

It has nothing to do with price, more informative info. Specifically to give perspective
Also evx token has been relatively stable where it is. Can it slide? Yes. Can it hold? Yes, can it go up? Yes. Given that it is holding, that is why I said it depends “a bit” on what btc/eth do since if they keep dropping if evx holds or goes down then it’ll drop below $1 from not doing anything. If it goes up or holds it stays above. So you ask a hypothetical question, I gave you what I think is a neutral response.
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