Info : Ethereum classified as a commodity?
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z Ethereum 
Thoughts you guys might like this, found it on reddit.


This is on ABC (Australian Public Broadcaster), apparently the government there doesn't want people using cryptos as currencies so they classify it this way for taxation purposes.

We always joke ethereum is like oil, but it really does have a future as the digital oil.

Is this real?

If so, that's really a great step in the right direction.. although, technically the price is for "ether", I'll still take it as a win!
Definitely real, they've been doing it for a while.. here is a screencap of bitcoin sometime back.

This is just the beginning! In 5 years you'll hear the words "cryptos" and "ethereum" more often than "internet"!
Finding out now BTC will be joining the CME future's market on Monday.

This is amazing!

I'm sure ETH is next.
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