Opinion : Coin Recommendation: Oyster Pearl (PRL) on Kucoin
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Why I Like It:
PRL is the economic bridge between content publishers, content consumers, storage providers, and storage consumers. The platform provides a novel solution that helps website owners monetize content on their website using a secure decentralized data storage solution. Website visitors contribute a portion of their CPU and GPU power to enable users' files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger. In return, such users indirectly pay the website owners for maintaining the storage of their data. The files uploaded are stored on IOTA Tangle and is the first protocol that uses Tangle

Strong Value Investment Characteristics:
1.  Low Market Cap of $16m (with ample room to run)
2.  Skyrocketing Volume (volume has picked up massively since December 15th and continued to climb up until now with a huge spike in volume today)
3.  Solid Media Coverage (Shout outs in HuffPost and various other media publications)
4.  Strong community (Telegram group has over 3k members)
5. More of a footnote, but in support of the strong community point, PRL has already received 3 shout-outs in one of the more popular Reddit undervalued coin threads for this month. The broader point here is that the shilling will be strong here moving forward

TL;DR Summary
At PRL’s current price (~$.28) and market cap (~$16m), this looks like a possible gem. It is more than worth the risk at this price point and has already doubled up since I bought in 3-4 days ago. I think this is a ride worth taking and would recommend hopping in prior to the coin getting listed elsewhere in the next few weeks (this is imminent, DYOR but consider joining me for what I am hoping will become a moon ride.
Furthermore, about your comment on SEC shutting down ICOs. Lets say the SEC somehow bans ICOs. Most "ICOs" are on international exchanges lol. Good luck with them banning them. If somehow SEC bans, regulates or gets some sort of control on ICOs. It doesn't mean the rest of the world will follow. China is already open minded about ICOs again. If the SEC attacks ICOs the only people that it will affect is the people who are holding onto such ICOs. Steller and Ethereum being the top 2 ICO platforms will probably not see any effect from this and continue their operation and growth. Think outside of the box.
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