Info : Cindicator Capitol Launches for Accredited Investors (100k+)
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Copy of application email:
Quote:Thank you for expressing your interest in Cindicator Capital. I am Sungjung, and today I am excited to begin our journey together to onboard you to our Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem. It is my utmost pleasure to guide you through the required procedures for participating in our fund. 

The fund aims to strengthen the Cindicator ecosystem, starts with a selection process for Limited Partners (LP) through a white-listing procedure. If you align with our ecosystem values and you are an accredited investor seeking to invest $100,000 or more, you can apply by filling out this form
After we complete the 1st stage of the white-listing application, I will be in contact to share with you more details about Cindicator Capital’s investment philosophy, strategies, performance data, and other helpful information.
Should you have any questions during the application process, I am more than happy to help.
Once again, I deeply appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you soon.
Best regards,
Sungjung Kim 
Investor Relations
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