Info : Banano Runner: Game Faucet for Nano Fork
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Banano Runner: First Weekend Stats!
- 3,552,153 Bananos collected
- 117.2 Continuous days of playtime
- Over 2,500 unique addresses played
- 207 players entered their seed instead of their public address :carlos:
- 57 players entered their Nano addresses instead of Banano Address :bananoprotection:
- 1 player entered an address that was neither Nano or Banano...
- 359 players probably had black screens
- The smallest earner got just 5 Bananos
- The largest earner got 31,345 Bananos
- The average Bananos earned per player was 1,300
- The most red flags earned was over 570
- The most time spent by an individual player/bot on the server was just over 24.4 hours

Cheers to all, we look forward to getting your Bananos into your wallets soon! (If you entered a valid address)
Investor will always take the minor action to starting of the business then after to make the running of the business they leave it. Might be the addiction wills not b preferable but about the propapers of the investor by the decentralization have to proceed.
Attractive gaming crane offer. I think that many will want to register and start earning Smile
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