News : Banano Coin Update! (Nano Fork) Fee-less Dag
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It's been a while since we posted anything official on here so just checking in with you all. Most of you know the score from being active on discord (if you haven't already you should join our 8,000 members) but for the ones who don't use discord here's a little bit of what's been going on.
Our team has grown considerably in the recent weeks some are new some have been with us a while but I'll introduce them anyway.
* AJsharkk - Web Developer and the creator of our amazing new site
* Anemone - Meme historian aka the guy on the couch
* Bbedward - Creator and manager of our riggedbot erm I mean tipbot.
* Coranos - A coding wizard, currently implementing BANANO on the Nano ledger S.
* Fusha - Another coding genius, Fusha is our very own Colin.
* Jeshka - Created our Discord Faucet (release soon) and is now looking into building our very own exchange.
* Mitch - Game Developer, I'm sure you all know Mitch already.
* Morgan - Meme lord.
* Randomizer - Creator of monKey™ (stay tuned)
* Red - Part time genius, full time Alcoholic.
* Yekta - Leonardo Da Banano.
What's going off?
Things are still in the early stages but we have lots of ideas being put to good use and now we have a fully committed team it won't be long before you start hearing about the projects in more detail but I'll outline a few just to give you some juicy info to read but the rest is staying a secret.
First up the monKey™ - Randomizers superb and fun creation, Turn your account ID into a unique one of a kind monKey that nobody else will have but you. From different eye colours to funky accessories, designer clothing and facial expressions this monKey will be a visual representation of your account ID. You will be able to use this in all future Banano projects including using the monkey as a playable character on the Banano Runner game.
Then we have the Banano Nano Ledger S project by Coranos, this is almost ready to go and is already built into our web wallet. Coranos has put some great effort into this, fully coded from scratch including creating his own font just for the display and is now tying up the loose ends before sending it in for ledger review.
BBedward has created our Discord tipbot and is constantly upgrading and adding new features, Giveaway and Rain features are the most popular but he has just created a trading escrow feature to stop scammers and to provide a safe and secure way to trade Banano until we are on an exchange.
MeltingIce was kind enough to port over his Nano explorer to Banano, it's available now at and is full of useful and interesting information about the Banano network. I believe after some modifications we will be using this for our official explorer so get to know it!
Mitch has been continuously improving the Banano Runner game, we have had setback after setback but he never fails to let it beat him. A small minority of people like to try and abuse the system which causes headaches for us all but we manage to stop them every time. keep trying though guys Wink. The runners last event had over 13,000 players with a total of 20M+ Banano earned. The payments for security reasons are still manually checked and paid right now which is why we are currently having delays for the last events payment but don't worry we're working on processing them as fast as we can.
The vault has had a couple of upgrades, transactions are now shown in real time, no refreshing needed, you can now visualise the speed of Banano in all its glory. Plus now we allow you to manage 15 accounts under one seed!
Whats next?
We promised you the airdrop was going to be in May so our main priority is to get that distribution flowing, we had a LOT of people register for the airdrop so it's a difficult task to complete on our deadline but we are working full speed on this, we've even had to buy extra hardware to ensure it goes as smooth as possible. Don't worry if you missed the registration though, we have another back up airdrop planned for the guys who came late to the party.
Once we have that out of the way, we can consider looking at possible exchange listings. A lot of people are asking why we aren't doing that now but we believe it's pointless until the majority of distribution has taken place so that is our priority. As well as getting listed on an exchange we are going to also going to introduce our own exchange too. Bananograil, what could possibly go wrong? or maybe should we go for Bananex! but more on that later.
Oh and stay tuned for the yellow paper, we're a little behind on the deadline but I promise you it will be worth the wait!
hi there,

love this project, love the community, i wish i had moved my nano's on to my wallet and registered for the airdrop but unfort. missed it now Sad will be looking out for the next one Big Grin

just wanted to let you know the is working like a charm but it says that payouts are every 10mins with min 20 banoshi, however i've been mining since last night and my banano wallet is still empty Sad

thought you should know.

banana fan
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