News : $6,300: Bitcoin Price Hits Record High
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y Bitcoin 
"Just over a week after pushing past the $6,000-mark for the first time, the world's first cryptocurrency rose to a high of $6,306.58 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index at 20:30 UTC today. The previous all-time high of $6,183 was set on October 21st and held for just eight days.

In setting the new high, the price of bitcoin is now up more than 500 percent on the year, having climbed from just below $1,000 on January 1st to the new high."

Source: Coindesk

Just going to leave this here so we can see where BTC WAS at before we launched the forums officially.


Aren't ya glad you decided to load up more at 5800? =)
I should've bought more!
hodling till Im odling
ethereum, nano
.. annd now we're at 7000!

BTC is the one and true ruler of them all.

And I guess ethereum is ok.
Bitcoin holding that 7k pretty well, it looks like we are forming a bullflag.. if true - we could see 9k very fast..

if not, well back to 5k is possible and would be a great time to buy.

Watch close!

Heard someone mention today Bitcoin almost hit 8000, i whipped out my phone and see we didn't even break 7500 - and now we're falling back down. I wou;dn't be suprised to see us go back down to 6k or before 8k.
We've risen too high too fast, we need to make some real solid support somewhere before the next leg-up.
Looks like btc support 6600, if that fails I have some cash on hand hoping for 5k Smile
I love the price widgets on the top of the forum there, BTC actually on it's way to 8k today?

Futures being opened on Monday, good for the industry - bad because of manipulation.

We are going mainstream here faster and faster, 8k then 10k.
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