Info : 2nd Batch Skyminer Release Announcement
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The time has finally arrived

Skyminer is here

Dear Supporters, 
Thank you for your interest in the Skyminer. This letter is to confirm that we have received your pre-order request for a Skyminer.

This email is being sent to everyone that has signed up on the Skywire Miner mailing list.  You have one (1) week to submit the form below and affirm your interest in purchasing the miner.  Customers will then be selected in the order that they had signed up on the mailing list.  Customers who have not purchased a miner yet will have priority over those who have already purchased a miner.
Please review the following sections carefully and fill in the required information as indicated. 

Skyminer Pricing Details

The unit price of one Skyminer is 1 BTC. The approximate cost breakdown is as follows:

1. Hardware and shipping cost - 0.1 BTC
2. Rebate - 0.9 BTC (This amount will be returned to the buyer as a rebate in Skycoin. The conversion rate of rebate is to be released in the payment announcement in the first week of June)

The hardware cost of Skyminer is 0.09 BTC, while the other 0.01 BTC covers the shipping cost to any place in the world. The difference from the 1 BTC purchase will be returned to the buyer in Skycoin. This is an initiative to help jumpstart the Skywire economy.

Client Information 

We need your email address and other information to confirm your request of Skyminer.

Please submit the form on the following page to apply:


We will contact you with payment information after collecting this information. Each person will be given a unique BTC address to send payment to. Miners will be shipped as payment is received.

Skyminer Team

If there is still any question or confusion, we are delighted to help you at:

Skycoin Team
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